Where the Journey Begins

Follow the Journey

Discover the amazing Amiga

The Beginning of Phaze101.

Explore the World of the Commodore Amiga

The beginning of Phaze101.

Discover the Beauty of Commodore 64

The machine where everything started.

Explore the World of the Commodore 64

The computer of the first code, the first games and the first publishing.

The Commodore Junkie

Other Commodore Computers close to the heart.

Discover that retro feeling

of new emotions with the

mega 65 computer

Through the Journey

Some of the Discoveries

Amiga Assembly Course

Programming the Amiga Hardware.

C64 Bedtime Coding

Beginners C64 Assembly Course.

Flangry Bird 101

Flappy Bird Game.

Discover the programming language

that Unites them all

Turbo Rascal Syntax Error

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